The culture is characterized by its high level of spirituality and approach to the Great Father and Creator of all things and nature. Fortunately through the ages they have been preserved for some ancestral customs union of persons in marriage. Today we can enjoy this ceremony to recover our traditions and Hispanic roots. This ceremony is attractive to many couples because of the popularity it has in the peninsula.


Beauty, glitz and deep religious connotations fill Hindu weddings. The vows and commitment to a life together are taken seriously. The ceremonies of this type always expand the great joy shared by everyone at the event.


Marriage is the most important and representative ceremony of the Catholic religion. This inaugurates and blesses the beginning of a new life between two people who love each other, who swear loyalty and commitment for life to God. This ritual is one of the best known and consists traditions of religion; however, the couple are able to give the ceremony a personal and unique touch.


The Christian ceremony is a very moving ceremony which is conducted by a pastor, the important thing for the couple is to witness to his love and above all the commitment acquired to themselves, to God and to their families and friends., Is accompanied Christian chants.


It is the marriage contracts, formalized and falls to civil authorities and does not follow the ritual of any religion. In this ceremony the judge makes the reading of the application of the act of marriage, the couple signed the minutes as witnesses of each of the parties.


This ceremony has no legal value but it does have a special design just for spirituality with which it is performed. There are couples who are much identified with such unions. It is something unique and different. The couple can exchange vows, rings, or some representative symbol of eternal love that is between the couple.


Because of the meaning and significance of the occasion, the Jewish wedding ceremony includes many customs and rituals, an absolutely unique experience that is etched in the couple for their entire lives.