Frida & Alex

We can’t believe that everything turned out perfectly! Working with your team was the best decision we could have made… From taking us by the hand, from hotel to hotel on the first day to convince us that getting married outside was a good option and would be easy with you, to advising us on the best location for our wedding according to our needs; You were with us 24/7, putting up with us, answering our calls, e-mails, whatsapps etc. You took care of every detail on each visit and you really offered more than just coordination, you offered us a team of excellent friends making sure we were happy and relaxed. You played a key part, not only in the most important day of our lives, but also during the entire year of planning….We are VERY grateful for all your efforts and dedication, since you made our wedding an unforgettable moment!! You definitely exceeded our expectations by a long way…Thank you again for everything!! Affectionately…Alex and Frida!!!

Carmen & Jorge

Without a doubt one of the best decisions we took was to choose Celebración. Our wedding was perfect; I left all my worries to my coordinator Gaby and the result was a resounding success; all the girls were super professional. We want to get married again!!

Ceci & Ernesto

Gaby was fantastic during the entire process and was always very helpful when we asked for something. She understood exactly the concept we had in mind from the moment she took over the wedding, and everything she recommended was exactly what we wanted. She always tried to offer us different options, and not just what she wanted us to have. Thanks to Gaby and Celebración our wedding was exactly as we had imagined it would be. Thank you so much!!!

Giovanna & Guillermo

If I had to plan my wedding again I would definitely choose “Celebración Cancún” as my wedding planners. They always made me feel they were planning my wedding as if they were my best friends, and they were very friendly and I felt I could trust them. They are very experienced and every time I heard Gaby Choel say ”Don’t worry and leave it to me” I felt very confident. Yael Rodriguez, thank you for being close by for my “beautification” for the big moment, your attention to detail and your kind words really made me feel relaxed. Lorena Armengual, thank you for all your support during these nine months; I want you to know that the moment I hung up after speaking to you for the first time, I knew I would choose your company. Congratulations on your excellent work and the excellent team you have!!! I’ll see you on my silver anniversary!! Haha!

Marisol & Abel

My wedding exceeded my expectations and I have to thank my dear Gaby Choel and Celebración who could almost guess what I wanted, haha. Thank you so much. We were delighted with every detail and above all with the service you gave us.

Lucero & Luis

Everything was excellent thanks to the team at Celebracion!

Melissa & Julio

Mar, an excellent coordinator who supported me at all times, the best.

Priscilla & Roberto

Mar was excellent when planning my event. I would definitely work with Celebración again, thank you!!

Violeta & Omar

Everything was excellent, the entire staff was excellent and I will recommend you 100%. We were really satisfied. Thank you!!

Greta & Adrían

We want to thank the whole team of celebration, especially our coordinator Marel, for all the support, professionalism, commitment, and for making our wedding an unforgettable, full of details and beautiful memories time.

Marisa & David

The best wedding was to have them accomplices to decide to make a wedding from afar, we knew it would be harder to meet all the requirements we imagined that day, but really with you hand in hand, step everything Otherwise, our expectations were exceeded !!! It was a dream come true thanks because they were always following up to the event until that day, when I woke up was one of acopanandome team, making me feel calm, along wedding oversaw every detail and although it rained all went ahead in the most perfect, David and I we have only the best experience with you are very happy to have met Celebration always had the best tips, the answer, and the best quote were our allies at all times, and although you do events all year made us feel that ours was the most important calls sparing no efforts and mailings, sent them a hug Very Large his entire team !!!! They are strange.

Jacqueline & Ege

Lorraine, I want to thank you for helping me at all for this spectacular wedding in Playa del Carmen, it would have been impossible without their hard work over the past eight months.

Frida & Hermann

I want to tell you, I congratulate you for the work we do throughout the organization wedding our wedding, it was lovely, extremely well organized, synchronized, all the staff I work, very professional.

Cristy & Patrick

Celebration went all out the window at our wedding! Your kindness and professionalism with which they work were felt throughout the event.

Marsella & Luis

Best wedding planner could not have, is honored to have reached their hands and meet great people. Thanks for helping me fulfill my dream, our dream.

Zulema & Hilario

Everything exceeded our expectations, we were more than happy and pleased with all the attention of the agency, the suppliers and the end result was beautiful.

Nataly & Isidro

Excellent coordination, I felt very supported at the event, took care of every detail.

Naly & Luis

Marel, I want to thank you for all your commitment to our wedding, for always being available and with an excellent attitude. Enjoy planning this year, I had fun and the best thing that worked out great!

Vanessa & Chase

We must honestly admit that we already miss your calls, emails and messages. With as professional as your people, our dream came true.

Hileana & Carlos

Carlos and I were married at Hacienda 3 Rivers was an unforgettable day and could hardly put into words what we feel. We decided to choose this location because it is a magical and beautiful place. Throughout all the planning Marel Reyes, our wedding coordinator, was in charge of escucharno and understand many of our requests to bring us together this special day. It was a complicated process since my husband and I were all the time in Spain and only were able to visit, in which we signed everything. We highly recommend the services of Celebration as they have highly qualified suppliers and know thoroughly this sector, thank you very much for exceeding our expectations Celebration of the biggest day of our lives, would not change anything. Hileana and Carlos fondly.

Marilú & Gabriel

When Celebration tells you that your event will be spectacular believe them, they will exceed your expectations!

Marianela & Jaime

Thank you very much for all your work super professional, are a very quiet and patient person who makes perfect match with hysterical girlfriends haha, especially the excellent service, all you had super-coordinated.

Maritza & Gregorio

CELEBRATION our experience was simply extraordinary. They took care of the entire organization of the event, making us forget the stress that this situation represents. The organizers were very attentive and suggestive when making any decision.

Jessica & y Rodrigo

We would like to thank for making our day the best !. From the beginning to organize a wedding from Canada, you showed professionalism, ability to listen and to turn all that was asked, actually.

Verónica & Adrián

Thank you for all your support, it was a pleasure to have you committed to that special moment, indeed they did only … are delighted with your work !!!! No doubt that we will certainly recommend to Celebration.

Vivi & Eduardo

Celebration Thanks for making my dream wedding !!!!!!

Priscila & Roberto

Thank you very much for taking part the best day of my life!

Mariana & Francisco

Some years ago, when Mariana and Pancho set wedding date and wanted it to be in Cancun, one as a mother of the bride, event organizer and living in another city thought it would be very difficult to plan the celebration away, an acquaintance of mine I recommended that a company which is engaged in these activities. We had the great fortune to establish contact with a serious, committed, very responsible but above all warm company and that from the first moment made us feel we were longtime acquaintances.