Brides shoes: Walk in style to the altar without leaving aside comfort

Brides shoes: Walk in style to the altar without leaving aside comfort

19 mayo, 2015 Blog

Some brides give more importance to dress or decorate your wedding shoes that will use but eye, the shoes are very important because if you do not feel comfortable not be able to fully enjoy your event and end up dead tired, so take time to choose shoes that give you comfort plus you make do with elegance and distinction.

For that here are some tips so you know how to choose your wedding shoes.

Maximum comfort. This does not mean that the high heel is out, since the bride’s shoe styles are so dynamic that, in addition to follow all the fashion trends, provide you the comfort you need. You must choose shoes that fit you well, that fit you well, that are soft and pliable, not necessarily be the most expensive in the shop but if that best suit you.

Economy. If you’re worried about spending you do, then you should consider a model that can be reused for another time and investment and you do not anger your memory lane.

Height. Consider the size of the heel taking into account the increase will have as your boyfriend, because if we surpass by far, it is likely that the two come to feel uncomfortable.

The event. Taking into account the reception venue and the season, as this will depend on your needs, eg spring-summer if the freshness of a cute sandals are more requested that the closed shoe.

Different types. If you decide on specific model, but think will not last with them all night, when you feel tired you can replace them with more comfortable.

Your style. Your shoes should also reflect your personal style may be the same color dress, make contrast, be color decoration, flowers, ladies dresses, finally the choice is yours what is important is that day you feel beautiful.

Test all you need to test models, we walked through the store, dancing, siéntateme, stand, experiment with them to be sure they are fully stated. Do not wait until a week before your wedding to choose them, you have them in advance so that you can be using at home, amoldándolos at your feet, so that the sole is spend a little so it does not slip.

And finally you can not forget things: do not let having a good pedicure so they look quite beautiful your feet and looking your choice is the most appropriate for you to enjoy your dream without painfully sacrificing your feet, remember that the celebration does not end there because after the wedding is expected: Honeymoon.

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